TFP: The Annoying Orange(s)

The Fun Part—Let’s talk about the birds and the bees, the breeze in the trees, and a little about me.

Who am I kidding? This is a lot about me, sorry!…and I know I have been missing in action due to holidays, earthquakes, dead plants, birthdays, international travel, a funeral, work road trips, etc. Somewhere between all of that, I made the decision to finally pursue a hobby fascination of mine inspired by the one and only, The Tiny Chef Show (that in itself is a story for another day). Creating tiny foods made of polymer clay.

It (officially) began when I when I decided to YouTube “how to make tiny foods polymer clay easy” (I get too lazy to type the entire sentence worrying that they won’t have the exact video that I am looking for, ha).

Unfortunately…this is another fail story. Let me show you what I was to suppose to make:

the goal

And this is is what I created….

the outcome, womp.

Full disclosure, this was my third attempt at creating these tiny fruits and it took me hoouurrs, but from what you can see from this picture the other two were’t any better (I will be practicing with creamsicle colored clay for months).

I admit that I haven’t picked up any clay for at least a month. I would say my patience is similar to the average person’s, but these attempts have really rained on my parade. I have a tendency to jump from hobby to hobby when feeling discouraged, searching for an ounce of inspiration to create anything. Creator’s block, no doubt.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Picasso

Your friendly neighborhood womp,


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