AQC: Retrograde

Aye Que Cute: Makeup was set. Hair was done. Lights were on. Pictures were taken.

SO — a newly launched website, blog, and portfolio all rolled into one has recently been on the forefront of my mind for the last month…

Feeling particularly ambitious and in tune with my more ~~artsy~~ self, I decided I was going to do my makeup a la Editorial and have myself a little photoshoot. I’ll get to the point now and say the results were more reminiscent of a fried egg on asphalt during a California summer day rather than David Bowie meets Pat McGrath at the Met Gala 2019 in a studio with perfect contrast lighting.

I came, I saw, but didn’t conquer and that’s ok. It’s actually the reason I felt compelled to make a post about it. Things aren’t going to come out perfect the first time and it was disappointing, but I’ll live.

What’s something new you tried recently that you weren’t happy with the results? Let me know! I love hearing everyone’s stories.

Have a great weekend peeps and maybe try something new!

Your friendly neighborhood egg,


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