Hello, hi.

For those of you who don’t know me or might be a little curious about what I do or my mission with this blog, here are some SparkNotes.

My name is Marissa, but some people may know me as Meeowissa. I currently work for a clothing brand called Viva La Bonita and I am the content creator here at Experience Optional.

Experience Optional is a personal blog that I’ve created to showcase my journey through hobbies I’ve acquired over the years, acquired yesterday, or hope to acquire today. I cannot claim to be an expert in any of the things I will be speaking on: life, makeup, plants, dogs, video games, etc…but I will say I am an expert Hobby Collector.

This was inspired by some of the things I am slightly more experienced in (drawing, makeup), but never took a formal class to learn the “proper” techniques.

What are some things I will be writing about?

Those of you who already know me know I am a fan of all things (but not limited to…) beautiful, strange, peculiar, nerdy, flamboyant. I love collecting clothes and books. I play video games on both my Xbox and my iPhone. I have a passionate love for early 2000’s NYC Rock n Roll. I have a fascination with completely mythical worlds from Hogwarts to The Shire. I love baseball. I could sit for hours looking up conspiracy theories, film analysis, and ghost stories. I’m terribly afraid of snakes and for that sole reason have never been camping, but I love to travel and I love animals. I collect action figures and lightsabers. On my walls hang pictures of Audrey Hepburn, Frida Kahlo, Beth Ditto, Elvira, and Jean Grey’s Phoenix. In my closet are comic books from Spider-Woman to The League of Extraordinary Men.

I’m not here to convince you I’m an interesting person, just that I enjoy a lot of interesting things. I plan to get dirty, fail, be weird, cook inedible food, probably injure myself in some way, get frustrated, cry, and show you all that it’s ok. Part of the process…

Whether you’re here for a quick read, a little input, or plain curiosity I hope this blog inspires others to do whatever it is they want to. I hope nobody is afraid to do things just because they have no experience in it because that’s half the fun.

Experience Optional. It’s what you do when you don’t know what to do.

Now: It’s time for the fun part. Have no fear, have all the fear, jump, fly, do whatever it is you gotta do to be happy. I’ll be doing it right along side you.

your friendly neighborhood diver,