ABH: the Guanajuato Chronicles

Anywhere But Here—Experiencing my favorite place with my favorite person for the very first time. 1 of (?)

Fun fact: Finally, after my 25 years of living, I will be going on what is my definition of a true vacation for the very first time. Sure, family vacations might qualify, if you can include trips to San Francisco packed in a ’99 burgundy Sienna with Dad, the Lita, a Nina, a Nino and their kid, my cousin, who I quietly punched in the face on this very trip in the back of that very Sienna. But aside from those, once you hit the ripe old age of Adult, the concept of a vacation can build up to sacred status.

So here’s a little back story for this story:

The boyfriend has never been on a ~proper~ vacation. I have never been on a proper vacation. Together, we’ve never taken a vacation, and we’ve never taken a vacation together. Money. Time. The usual excuses.

An opportunity, that the BF happened to catch much quicker than I did, landed on our doorstep and he ran with it. As I was driving from well air-conditioned concrete bunkers to naturally heated, outdoor back alleys, the BF concocted a 4-day vacation to what happens to be my 2nd most favorite place in the World: Guanajuato. AND it lands on my birthday. Ding ding! We got a winner!

Coincidentally, I have been to Guanajuato for only 2.5 days and 2 nights, but I unapologetically ate a few cups of pomegranate seeds from the last state we previously slept in (Viva Aguascalientes!) which led to a nasty fever and cold sweats that weren’t an 8-year-old’s natural first reaction to being face-to-face with hundreds of human mummies in very tight corridors. Unsurprisingly, I could see through a dream-like haze and all the sweaty pamphlets I was in a place that I never wanted to leave.

Almost 17 years later, I’ll be in that very same place, but with a very different crowd. Being given the opportunity to experience a place like this practically like it’s the first time with your person who has never actually been there? Magic. My heart is squealing as I’m typing this. A month away and I’m already missing it.

Life has a way of casually going about itself. It never fails to surprise me. Much more to come.

Have a great weak week, peeps.

Marissa Alexis

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